burmese days

Shortly after my stay in Myanmar the persecution of the Rohingyas by the Burmese government and military escalated and turned into a genocide and the refugee crisis. Today, spring 2021, the Burmese military again murders its own people. Myanmar does not come to rest, no peace of mind. When I traveled the Rakhine State from the Gulf of Bengal to Pyay – a route of 250 km only that took 8 hours – bad omens we already visible. Every few kilometers on this route through kinda mountainous no-man’s-land a military check point stopped our bus. White people like me were completely ignored or treated very courteously while the very dark-skinned locals became inspected highly intense – because they could have been Rohingyas. Military was always and ever present, I recall miles and miles of army truck convoys everywhere, all delivered from and Made in China. Also here the aftermaths of British colonialization are visible and impact the peace in Myanmar. Beside these memories and the recent developments early 2021 I mainly remember a picturesque, young and ahead-looking country, somewhere between ancient traditions and awakening. In Myanmar it is still possible to experience the old and more genuine South East Asia that is not so much impacted and influenced by mass tourism, such as Thailand or Vietnam. But questioning ourselves in the so called first world why we assume poverty and underdevelopment as authentic and worth to see rather than supporting prosperity and industrialisation in countries like Myanmar is certainly an aspect for development in welthy countries.