Personally I perveived cockpits as places of pure power. My father was a subway driver for many years and he took me aboard when I was a child. That was a perspective change for me! Sitting in the very front of a commuter train and watching on the rails rather than on shrubs at the side. Cockpits are somehow the decision centers of modern, individualized mobility. There are millions of those decision centers where decisions are made every day. A level of responsibility and dignity is provided by those working places. And all cockpits are different – there is the day to day car commuter, the metro, touristic trains or ferry boats, long distance and high speed transport systems, such as planes or high-tech trains. A more detailed look on these places taught me that everything is still operated by human beings and high-tech – even if supposed to be such – is not always a fancy high-tech. There is a reality versus expectation clash I find very interesting.