france monochrome

Whenever we leave the urban, we arrive in the rural. In 2021 I started an experiment of visiting two pretty rural spots in France – a bit off the beaten travellers track. Before that I just saw the bigger cities, such as Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse. What I discovered and experienced during these stays fundamentally adjusted my very own perception I had. Live is so easy going in the rural areas, villages and small towns. The people care and have time, their life is certainly simplified but in no way emptier – it is even richer. And the enjoying French seem to enjoy even more. The exhibited photographs therefore somehow show the hedonism of rural areas that may, in our perception, be labeled as the losers of our times. But it is the opposite – and this is what I try to demonstrate with the photographs taken. With the captured light, the clarity and the sole beauty of spots off the urban. Rural hedonism.