p.r. china

The People’s Republic of China – large and (still) diverse enough for a whole travel life. Once and not a long time ago a very poor country. In some regions still a very poor country. Now competing with the world powers for leadership with imperialistic ambitions. P.R. China has not a good reputation. Neither in the rich industrialized countries, nor in the poor neighbouring or in countires with high Chinese investments, such as many in Africa. Travelling through the P.R. China confirms some of our reservations and let our perception shift at the same time. Naturally the day to day life of the people in the P.R. China has not much in common with the politics of the PCC – athough the party controls a lot of it. Isolation, expansion and aggression is certainly not desired by the majority of its people – it is perhaps prosperity, respect, eye level and being part of a global community. We should not be afraid of P.R. China and we should not lift our moral pointing finger. But we shall continue dialog and criticism. My photographs intend to criticise – and they intend to show the kind and also hilarious face of this country.