people in a religious context

Nowadays we tend to say or accept capitalism, sex, drugs, music, money, surfing or so is a religion. Although I would say surfing has kind of religious characteristics, as written in the focus “surfer”, I totally reject labelling modern, pop art like lifestyles, any drug abuse, private interests or economic systems as a religion. It is not even close to it. This seems to be a big misunderstanding or – in other words – an impious knowledge gap, what religion fundamentally is or how religious people actually live. I do not know this. I did not grew up in a religious family or surrounding. And that is maybe why I am intrigued by truly religious people and their deep faith. That is what I try to capture in this focus – a topic I am working on since more than 12 years. But it is not just about faith and the grave aspect of religion. It is also about the social and fun aspect – the joint praying, the play in the water as part of a ceremony. Mostly religion is not a lonely thing. That is why the traditional religions may undergo a gargantuan renaissance.