concentration camp dachau

This album is dedicated to the people who were killed by and during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was – in its large scale – mainly decided during the Wannsee Conference in 1942 in Germany, close to Berlin. But we shall not forget about the Holocaust prior to this conference.

The photographs shown in this section are made in Dachau in January 2022 – precisely 80 years after the Wannsee Conference (Wannseekonferenz).

These eight photographs display two fundamentally aspects:

  1. The concentration camp Dachau in Southern Germany, close to Munich, as its role of the very first and prototype concentration camp in the whole German Nazi regime concentration camp network: Dachau was the learning platform for the Germans for Auschwitz and other concentration and death camps.
  2. The processing of people to death: arrival, stay, work, “shower”, killing, burning.