One year in a train – in transit between the poles and antipodes of the country during the perhaps hardest time of the corona pandemic from autumn 2021 to the summer of easiness and re-opening in 2022 and beyond. From North to South, from East to West, through the center and the periphery, in the dawn and at night.

The Germany Train is not only a document of that period, the work shows at the same time the deep melancholy of travelling. Being between one place and another is very often a sad process: we say goodbye, sometimes for a long time, we move towards uncertainty, we are alone in many cases, change is approaching.

Furthermore, we find ourselves at places of those transits – in trains or stations – where we are taken out of our familiar surrounding and where we shall not stay, where we do not intend to stay. The poetry that lies in this proceeding becomes visible in the shown work.